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Updating your flooring? Call for the safest form of tile removal with Dust Busters dustless tile removal. Serving Northwest Arkansas! (479) 790-3181

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With our dustless methods we can safely grind down all types of adhesives for level clean floors.

Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal by Dust Busters

Dust Busters provides an ultra clean, highly efficient, and healthy way to remove tile from your home or business. 

With traditional tile removal methods, dust goes everywhere…on walls, windows, curtains, furniture, computers & electronics, clothes, inside cabinets and air ducts… literally everywhere!   And even worse, it continues to show up on everything for the next year or so! The Dust Busters system is virtually DUST FREE. When the job is complete, there will be no need to hire a maid service or air duct cleaning service; no need to dust your home every other day for a year; no need to send your wardrobe out for dry-cleaning; no need to see the doctor for asthma or allergy flare-ups. Your home will be left as clean as it was before Dust Busters began the tile removal project.

Dust Busters can get your job completed in less than half the time of traditional tile removal methods. In fact, we sometimes finish before the estimated completion time we give you!

Dust Busters maintains your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) during our tile removal process, keeping your family’s environment healthy and safe. Dust contains “silica,” a dangerous carcinogenic material, that can take a toll on those with allergies, asthma or other health conditions. The Dust Busters equipment is HEPA certified and meets or exceeds all requirements that are demanded in hospitals, government, and critical health situations.

If you are looking forward to new flooring when your tile removal project is complete, the Dust Busters process leaves your concrete slab flatter than before and ready for new installation. VIRTUALLY DUST FREE

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